Producing the IH Student Directory is a big job

Producing the IH Student Directory is a big job
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The Indian Hill Student Directory includes information about staff, students, school support groups, and families (those that choose to participate). It’s a huge undertaking, requiring many, many hours to put together. All staff must be confirmed; student lists must be assembled; support groups must provide their information; and families must enter their details.


Because the law prohibits the District from sharing family information without express approval from families, and families must choose specifically what information they would like to share in the Directory, this is actually the single-longest part of the process. This year, we have about 80% participation in the Directory – higher than the past few years. But it took a full 7 weeks to get to that level, as family information trickled in.


[However, with the new MySchoolAnywhere system, this part of the process should be greatly reduced. Since families have now entered their information, it will require significantly less time to ensure new families have had the chance to participate for future Directories. This is very exciting and should help reduce the amount of time it takes to produce the Directory each year.]


Once all the information is gathered, the layout must be completed. A document is created and everything must be in its place, checked, cross-referenced, checked again. Student artwork is chosen to create the cover. This takes hours and hours – and ongoing work doesn’t stop, of course.


During this time, orders are being received as well. These must be processed and organized, both through EZPay and checks/cash.


Finally, the book goes to the printer. They have a lot of prep work to do as well – it takes them a couple of weeks to get everything ready, print the book, bind it, and deliver it to the District.


While the books are being printed, we determine how many go to each school, and the school secretaries receive a list of families who have purchased. Each school has their own system for distributing books, and secretaries get started on that before the books even arrive.


Once they do arrive, the secretaries have to make sure books go to the appropriate students to take home. At some schools, like the High School, parent volunteers help because it’s such a large task.


As you can see, this is a tremendous job that the District takes on for the benefit of our families. The $10 cost just about pays for the out-of-pocket cost for printing the Directory. However, there is a significant cost in time spent, as well as a cost to use MySchoolAnywhere. As we continue with MySchoolAnywhere, please help us reduce the time required to produce the Directory and keep your information updated on a regular basis. That way, we will be able to produce a Directory that is as accurate as possible, and produce it in a much more timely manner in the future.


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