IHHS Senior Jalen Thornton on being Brave
Posted on 10/23/2018
IHHS Student Jalen Thornton

He is the captain of the Varsity Football Team, a mentor for the Partner’s Club, a scholar in AP courses, and an ambassador for community service/partnership initiatives. We sat down with student-leader Jalen Thornton to find out from him what it means to be Brave.

Indian Hill School District (IHSD): What does it mean to you to be Brave?

Jalen Thornton (JT): The people in the community are so nice to you; the teachers and the staff do everything they can to help you in your future – like look at the graduating class – you see all of the people and what they have accomplished and you think, “I can’t wait to get to that point.”

(IHSD): What is the best part of being Brave?

(JT): My favorite part is just sharing this moment with your friends and the people who you’ve grown up with from the beginning. Everyone gets to where they are with help – and that help is from your parents and your friends. But, you also have to do it for yourself. You can’t just do it for the people who want to see you succeed; you have to want to succeed, and I’d say the best part about being a Brave is finding who you are and what you want to be in the future.    

(IHSD): What is your #IHPromise to future Braves?

(JT): My promise would be – when you find something that you enjoy to do and that you really want to do – do it. Don’t let other people say you shouldn’t. You do what you want to do. You work as hard as you can to do it – because that’s what this school does. They are going to help you accomplish what you want to do no matter what it is. That’s why this school is so great. When you find a dream, don’t let that dream pass because you only get one chance to follow it.

See Jalen join other Indian Hill High School students in sharing what it means to be BRAVE … enjoy this video featuring our amazing scholars as they share their Brave stories:

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