Braves mentor Braves

Braves mentor Braves
Posted on 12/11/2018
IHHS Career Mentoring EventIndian Hill High School (IHHS) alumni and parents returned to class – but this time, they were teaching. Wednesday, December 5, the professionals joined IHHS marketing students to conduct small-group, mini-mentoring sessions.

“The event is priceless to our students, as it shows the value of education as well as the value of the classes they are taking now and how they apply to a career,” said IHHS Marketing Instructor Susan Schonauer. “We explore many careers our students did not even know were out there! And since three of our speakers were Indian Hill High School graduates, the students realize the success that they may come to experience.”

"Many of the presenters are now doing something different than what their major in college was due to either technology or new interests,” said IHHS Student Neharika Hedge-Lange, who participated in the event. “I like the idea of thinking I can do different things in my career.”

Schonauer worked with the Indian Hill Foundation to recruit IHHS alumni to participate in the event. The professionals who volunteered their time included scientists, business executives, and marketing professionals.

“The Indian Hill Foundation is committed to building strong relationships with our alumni and our community for the benefit of our students,” said Kitsa Rhoad, who manages alumni relations for the Indian Hill Foundation. “We have an abundance of talent, experience, and wisdom in our alumni and community. Connecting them with our students face-to-face makes real-world learning come to life and sparks inspiration. It helps our students consider ‘What's possible?’ and guides their decisions for both future studies and future experiences.”

“What an awesome experience!” said 50 West Brewing Company Founder Bobby Slattery, who was also a Class of 2000 graduate from Indian Hill High School. “It felt like it was just yesterday that I was in their shoes, and I had so much I wanted to tell them. What I wasn’t expecting was the thought-provoking questions they had for me. I have sat in on several panels discussing ‘Gen Z’s’ – who they are, what they like, and what is important to them. Getting to hear it straight from them and listen to their perspective really makes you realize the future of tomorrow is going to be different than the world we live in today.”

Photo caption: 50 West Brewing Company Founder Bobby Slattery, who was also a Class of 2000 graduate from Indian Hill High School, spoke with current students about his experience in business.