The Indian Hill School District utilizes ongoing assessment practices to inform instruction within the classroom.  The District administers assessments to all students in select grade levels and content areas for instructional planning purposes.  The District uses assessment to:

  • Guide instruction
  • Scaffold activities for re-teaching, review, and enrichment
  • Differentiate curriculum
  • Benchmark student achievement locally, at the state level, and nationally
  • Assess student readiness for college and career endeavors
  • Determine student growth throughout and across school years
  • Meet the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee in kindergarten through grade three
  • Meet the requirements for Gifted and Talented Identification as described in the Indian Hill Gifted Handbook
Indian Hill Districtwide Assessment Timeline 2016-17

District Assessment Coordinator:
Dr. Melissa Stewart, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning

Building Contacts:
Primary School:                                                                     Elementary School:
Jennifer Oden                                                                         Sarah Kellett
(513) 272-4760                                                              (513) 272-4714            

Middle School:                                                                        High School:
Nick Carpenter                                                                       Ester Hall
(513) 272-4653                                                                      (513) 272-4544