Being Brave

Being Brave
Posted on 09/11/2018
Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles


Songwriters lyricize it; painters reimagine it; writers encapsulate it … and now – in our sixth annual publication of the Quality Profile – we are striving to share our story of it. For the more than 2,000 young scholars we have the privilege of serving, the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District is home. It is the place they develop intellectually; it is the place they grow personally; and it is the place they learn to become socially responsible. These three expectations form the solid foundation for what it means to be Brave. This is the foundation on which we build all that we do to create a home for our scholars that is a model of excellence.


We hang the state and national academic accolades – and there are many – on our walls. They are the result of intentional, deliberate, and significant focus on that foundation which makes us the standard for educational excellence. During the 2017-2018 school year, our team made a momentous commitment to detailing the three-year blueprint for our future – the G.O.L.D. Strategic Plan for Transformational Excellence, and we have strived to explain it within the pages of our Quality Profile report. It is our plan to ensure the excellence we strive for truly does endure. It is the heart of our #IHPromise.


If you are a neighbor, and call this school district your place of residence; if you are a current member of the Brave family, and frequent our classrooms, auditoriums and fields; if you are a graduate, and this was your place of origin – I invite you to spend time visiting with us through the pages of the Quality Profile report that capture our story of enduring excellence and strategic growth. You are a valued member of our family.


Welcome home.

In service to our children,
Mark T. Miles, Ph.D.
Indian Hill Exempted Village School District